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Explore the World of Mushroom Growing with Shroomie Bros

The team at Shroomie Bros has a deep love for the world of mycology and is here to help mushroom growing novices, hobbyists, and experts. Our goal is to be the go-to destination for all of your mushroom cultivation needs. No matter how simple or complicated your mushroom growing project may be, Shroomie Bros can help you!

mushroom cultivation supplies

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Although Mycology has been a passion for some people for a long time, in recent years more and more people have taken an interest in mushroom cultivation.

Over the years, Shroomie Bros has built a reputation as the go to company for mushroom growing supples, both in
los Angeles, and among mushroom enthusiasts nationally.

Our top of the line products are matches with our incredible customer service!

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Grain Spawn Substrate

Sterilized mushroom grain spawn substrate (millet with additives) in an autoclave gusset bag. Commonly regarded as one of the highest quality grains for spawn production and is the industry standard for growing mushrooms. Prepared by the mycology experts at Shroomie Bros. Must be used within two months of purchase.

Grain Spawn (Millet with Additives).
Sterilized in Autoclave.

    Explore the World of Mushroom Growing with Shroomie Bros

    Our goal is to be to go to destination for all your mushroom growing supplies needs.

    From Novice to Mycologist, Shroomie Bros can help you!