Mushroom Lover Gifts

Best Mushroom Lover Gifts for 2023

So a family member or friend has been bitten by the bug. The mushroom bug has a tremendous bite. Once introduced to the beautiful world of mushrooms, there is no looking back. Mushrooms are life-changing and all-encompassing. Whatever the situation, this loved one is obsessed now, and no other gifts will do. Mushroom lovers need some essentials. We’re talking about cultivation tools, soils, and substrates. There are other things one can get when on a budget that will show love and care. We will review some of these great, creative, and even thought-provoking gift ideas so we will be prepared on gift day. It could be a birthday, or maybe someone is just feeling loving today; here are some great gift ideas. 

Mushroom Growing Products

Soils and substrates are essential gifts for the initiate or the experienced mushroom lover. No longer is having to travel to the shady part of town to get some of these holistic and beneficial mushrooms a necessity. Now the mushroom lover can grow their own safely and legally. Keep in mind that soils and substrates are entirely legal. This means that the mushroom-loving friend, significant other, or family member will never have to deal with shady people again. The saying goes, “give a man a fish, and they will eat for a day, teach a man to fish they will eat for life.” At Shroomie Bros, we offer only the best soil and substrate. Everything we deliver is hand-measured with love and attention. Our ratio of soil to substrate comes from our years of experience cultivating mushrooms, and we guarantee that any mushroom lover will be delighted with a gift from us.

2-in-1 Growing Kit

Prepared by the mycology experts, this 2-in-1 growing kit features sterilized mushroom grain spawn substrate (millet with additives) and our top-quality substrate blend of coco coir, vermiculite, and gypsum—together in an autoclave gusset bag.

Grain Spawn Substrate

Looking for top quality for spawn production? Look no further! This sterilized mushroom grain spawn substrate featuring millet with additives is formulated by mycologists at Shroomie Bros to maximize the speed and size of your mushroom grow.

Pasteurized Coco Coir Based Mushroom Substrate

Our Pasteurized Coco Coir Based Mushroom Substrate is the premium substrate in the world of mushroom cultivation. Our proprietary, high-quality blend contains the ideal level of moisture content, as well as the optimal ratio of coco coir, vermiculite, and gypsum that has been refined over the course of multiple years.

Home Decor

So the soil is on the list; now we need to get something nice for their home or garden. Here are some things we recommend that are creative and show care.

Gnome Decoration

First up is this excellent gnome decoration for the mushroom grower’s garden. It comes laden with a rich history of mushroom superstition and the mushroom experience. It also has a lamp and a small amanita muscaria mushroom at its base; we think this shows excellent detail. 

Trippy Mushroom Blanket

A perfect gift for the bedroom, this trippy mushroom blanket will keep anyone happy year-round. For the colder seasons, easily snuggle up and be warm, as the material is flannel and fleece.

Succulent Amanita Muscaria

The gnome statue is another great decoration for a mushroom garden. The gnome is huddled up on top of a nice succulent amanita muscaria. It is interesting to look at and marks where the mushrooms will be planted if the plan is to grow them outside.

Mushroom Neon Signs

This one is more expensive. It is the way to go if extravagant is the idea. It is a beautiful lamp that comes with different light modes. It is a vibrant neon light that they will never get sick of.

Books and Miscellaneous 

Some of the more thought-provoking gifts one can give are books. So here are some of Shroomie Bros highly recommended reads for the mushroom lover in your life.

The Psychedelic Experience: A Manual Based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead

This book is by the famous scientist Timothy Leary and is one of his most remarkable works: “The Psychedelic Experience: A Manual Based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead..” This book comes highly recommended by the staff here at Shroomie Bros. It is not only a tell-all on the ’60s experience of psychedelics but also greatly aids the adept and the initiate in meditation techniques from the Tibetans themselves.

The Sacred Mushroom and The Cross

Next on our list of great reads is “The Sacred Mushroom and The Cross: A study of the nature and origins of Christianity within the fertility cults of the ancient Near East” by John Marco Allegro. Though it is a mouthful and comes packed with a lot of scholarly wordplay, it is nonetheless on the list. It is an essential read, especially for the skeptic. Someone who questions religion, society, spirituality, and law will benefit greatly from a quick read. 

“Politics of Psychopharmacology’

For the more politically minded or the activist mushroom lover, another recommendation from psychologist and author Timothy Leary. This one is aptly titled “Politics of Psychopharmacology’ and thrift books describe it perfectly as “wry, provocative style,” giving “firsthand accounts” of the author’s “interrogation before Congress… and his flamboyant campaign for governor of California.”

The Mushroom Cookbook

For someone who is not just a mycologist in training but also a chef, we recommend this amazing recipe book by Michel Hyams and Liz O’Keefe. “The Mushroom Cookbook: A Guide to Edible Wild and Cultivated Mushrooms - and Delicious Seasonal Recipes to Cook with Them” is not only informative, but the information leads to some delicious flavors. Nothing beats the savory umami of homegrown mushrooms, so we encourage anyone to try their own recipes.

Lion’s Mane Supplements

Though not a book, they are still on our list. These supplements are especially useful when your mushrooms are still growing. If what is needed are the minerals and vitamins supplied by the glorious mushroom, but it is needed fast and in a high quantity, we recommend Lion's mane. Lion's mane is not only GMO and gluten-free, but it also supports cognitive function.  

Dried Mushrooms

Another great “in a bind” gift are these dried mushrooms. The company we recommend is Vigorous Mountains, and the type we recommend is shiitake mushrooms. If the grow is not quite there yet, or if drying and aging the mushrooms is just not possible, these pre-dried mushrooms are great for soups and stews. They can also be rehydrated and sauteed in any recipe you choose. 


Whether the mushroom lover is new to the scene or is a grizzled veteran, Shroomie Bros stands by these gift ideas. They are sure to bring a smile and even some good meals. Remember, when it comes to soils and substrates, Shroomie Bros has you covered with only the highest quality that is ready to be grown in tubs, outdoor setups, and grow rooms.

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